RCP 42 - Robot Control Panel

Advanced fully-customizable robot controller

  • Advanced fully-customizable robot controller
  • Reliable dual-band 802.11 ac communications
  • Ruggedized sealed industrial controls
  • Embedded Linux operating system
  • Compatible with Ai/Robotics Intelligent Robot Controller System
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery
  • Secure e-stop function
  • Real-time robot-to-controller high definition video
  • Real-time multi-camera robot video compatibility
  • Software and hardware customizable
  • Multicore processor
  • Available expansion ports for peripherals (cameras, keyboard, etc.)
  • Handheld and belly-box options
  • Rugged billet aluminum machined frame

The RCP-42 robot controller is an advanced customizable remote interface designed to serve a range of application domains. It offers rugged, reliable and flexible state of the art robot control.


The RCP-42 uses a high performance 802.11ac dual band (2.4 and 5.0 GHz) communications interface to gain access to multiple robot cameras and sensors. A solid error-corrected control channel is used to run and monitor the robot. And, of course, safety features such as e-stop and actions based on signal integrity are included.  Multiple robots can be monitored and controlled from a single interface.


This Linux-powered controller along with the onboard Intelligent Robot Compute System provides all command-and-control functionality for modern human-assisted, human-controlled or human-supervised robotic platforms ranging from small roving applications to security, law enforcement, military as well as larger robotic applications in the range of tractors, etc.